Mentorship Program

Connecting Future Leaders in Business and Law with Outstanding Graduates


In working to support the academic and professional development of JD/MBA students, the Hennick Centre for Business and Law seeks to connect current students with graduates of the Osgoode-Schulich JD/MBA program.

The mentorship program aims to:

  • Foster learning through the experience and expertise of alumni
  • Provide students with insights and information to aid them in charting their career paths

Please note that the JD/MBA mentorship program is not for recruitment purposes.


The program is open to all JD/MBA students in the 3 year or 4 year programs.

Alumni mentors must be at least two years out of the JD/MBA program.

The Match

Potential alumni mentors complete a survey covering personal characteristics, geographic location, professional industry and educational background. Students will perform a detailed search based on these criteria and select a mentor who most closely matches their needs. Mentor profiles are posted in the database without names or contact details, and final matches are approved by the Hennick Centre.

Program Expectations


  • Students are responsible for contacting the assigned mentor and should do so within one week of being notified of the mentor match. Decide with your mentor the best media for contact (telephone, email, skype). The first meeting should be in person (if possible) and should take place by mid-November.
  • Throughout the academic year (September – April), mentor pairs are encouraged to connect for at least three (3) meetings at a time (and location, if meeting in person) that is agreed upon.


  • Mentor pairs are encouraged to connect for at least three (3) meetings throughout the academic year (September – April). Mentors will be notified of their student match and should expect to hear from their student match within one week of this announcement. If, however, you have heard nothing for over three weeks, please contact the Hennick Centre at
  • Participation is expected for one academic year. Mentorship closure does not preclude mentors and students from continuing the relationship informally.

Benefits of  a Mentor Relationship

A mentor can:

  • Provide you with the benefit of their experience
  • Give you insights into a particular field or industry
  • Help you explore career choices and opportunities
  • Suggest ways to build career-appropriate skills

A mentor is not:

  • A tutor
  • Someone to approach for a job

Get Involved

JD/MBA alumni interested in volunteering as a mentor to a JD/MBA student can contact the Associate Director of the Hennick Centre for Business and Law at