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Connecting Canadian Entrepreneurs with the Advice They Need

Connecting Canadian Entrepreneurs with the Advice They Need


The Osgoode Venture Capital Clinical Project (OVC) provides legal services to early stage entrepreneurial ventures in the financing and equity structuring stages of growth.  Osgoode students will work as Caseworkers directly with lawyers from Wildeboer Dellelce LLP advising on legal tasks such as incorporations, corporate structuring/ restructuring, drafting agreements, development of financing strategies, and various other tasks associated with early-stage business ventures. Students will gain experience in client communication, client consultations, drafting legal agreements, corporate finance, employment matters, technology, and operational matters.

OPIR and Optional Academic Credit

Participation in the clinical project qualifies for OPIR hours.  It is expected that students will be able to fulfill their OPIR requirements through participation in the OVC.

Students will also have the option of writing a 2-3 credit independent research paper under the supervision of the clinical project’s Faculty Director.  The research paper component is to be completed over the two-term duration of the OVC.

Training and Supervision

Successful candidates will be bound by OVC’s Confidentiality Agreement, and will work directly with and under the supervision of Wildeboer Dellelce lawyers in providing legal assistance to OVC clients.

Throughout the fall and winter terms, Wildeboer Dellelce will host an orientation meeting and a number of training sessions on fundamental aspects of corporate and commercial law.  The orientation and training sessions will be held in Wildeboer Dellelce’s offices.  Students will develop an understanding of the venture capital, equity structuring, early-stage investment and entrepreneurial landscape, as well as the perspectives of stakeholders (i.e. entrepreneurs, investors, advisors etc.) who play an integral role in the formation and capital raising activities of start-up entities.

Activities and Location

Students will attend client interviews and file meetings throughout the course of the OVC term.  Supervising lawyers meet with students at Wildeboer Dellelce’s downtown offices to monitor progress on work assignments, assist with decision-making, counsel students on appropriate next strategies, and review written work.


OVC clients are generally entrepreneurs who are referred to the Clinical Project by incubator partners or clients that Wildeboer Dellelce may choose to refer for participation through the OVC.  Students responsibilities entail providing legal services to these clients on an ongoing basis during the OVC term, which runs from September until the end of March.


HOW TO APPLY  –  Student Volunteer Positions with OVC:

Student – Client Recruitment Coordinators (5 Volunteer Positions to be filled)

Client recruitment coordinators conduct outreach and meet with business incubators to promote the OVC and assist with the client recruitment process in preparation for the start of the clinic in September.

Qualifications:  Interest in entrepreneurship | Excellent communication, presentation and interpersonal skills | Interest in business development/client recruitment aspects of legal practice

Consideration  OPIR hours / Time requirement:  1-3 hours per week

Term:   July – August, 2017.  Please note that client recruitment duties can be completed in conjunction with other paid/volunteer summer positions.


Student – OVC Coordinators (2 Volunteer Positions to be filled)

Student coordinators work closely with the Faculty Director and OVC Administrator to assist with management and administrative duties for the OVC, including student recruitment, law firm training sessions/meetings, and case file management.

Qualifications:  Interest in entrepreneurship | Excellent time-management, organizational and communication skills

Consideration:  OPIR hours / Time requirement: 1-3 hours per week

Term:  May 2017 (student recruitment); September – April, 2017-18.  Please note that (May 2017) student recruitment duties can be completed in conjunction with other paid/volunteer summer positions.


Application Deadline for Client Recruitment & OVC Coordinators:  submit by 9 am on Monday, April 3, 2017  



HOW TO APPLY  –  Student Caseworkers

Student – Caseworker (opportunity details described above)

Interested 2L and 3L Osgoode students should submit an application form along with all additionally requested documentation to be considered for this position.

Qualifications:  Pre-requisites/co-requisites: Business Associations; Securities Regulation.  At least one pre-requisite/co-requisite course must be taken during the fall semester, with the other during the winter term.

Consideration:  Full OPIR hours accumulated throughout the duration of the OVC Term.

Term:  September – April, 2017-18.

Application Deadline – Student Caseworker:  4 pm on Monday May 1, 2017 

Application Form COMING SOON


HOW TO APPLY    To become an OVC Client

Entrepreneurs from incubator partners or those referred by Wildeboer Dellelce who are interested in engaging the services of the OVC can submit their application to the Clinical Project by the given deadline.

NOTE:  We encourage all applicants to fill out and submit their Application Form closer to the application deadline in order for the form to contain all the most up to date information pertaining to the state of affairs of the business in question.

Application Deadline:  Friday, July 28, 2017

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