Introducing a New Student Resource: the JD/MBA Program Handbook!

Anita Herrmann

The JD/MBA Program Handbook - A New Student Resource

By:  Michelle Ling

JD/MBA’2019, Research Assistant for Prof. Edward Waitzer, and 2017-18 Conference Co-Chair of the JD/MBA Student Association

With a view to continuously further the student experience of JD/MBA students, the JD/MBA Program Handbook was developed during the summer of 2017.  Its aim is to serve as a guide for JD/MBA students in not only navigating the joint program, but thriving in such an environment where one can increase the value derived from studying at both Osgoode Hall Law School and the Schulich School of Business.

The Handbook encompasses information pertaining to a range of areas of interest, including academic requirements, preparing for the MBA and law school, student opportunities available to JD/MBA students, and the multiple student resources at Osgoode, Schulich and York University, among other topics. Relevant links and contact information can also be found within the Handbook.

Distinctive aspects of this Handbook include the “Quick Tips” and testimonials from JD/MBA students and alumni.  From writing applications and preparing for interviews to extracurricular involvement, incoming and current JD/MBA students can benefit from the advice of those that have thrived in the JD/MBA Program. The hopes for this Handbook extend beyond providing the academic information entailed in the joint program to providing information that will ultimately enrich the experience of all JD/MBA students.

Special thanks to the JD/MBA students, alumni, and faculty at Osgoode and Schulich for their contributions to this Handbook.

How to Access the JD/MBA Program Handbook:

The Handbook can be accessed through either the Schulich or Osgoode student portals.

Via the Schulich Student Portal

  1. Login to mySchulich
  2. Under the “My Courses” tab on the right, click on “MBAJDAcademicHandbook”

Via the Osgoode Student Portal

  1. Login to myOsgoode
  2. Under “Key Documents”, click on “Student Handbooks”