JD/MBA Welcome Day 2017 – August 22

Anita Herrmann

JD/MBA Welcome Day 2017

By: Psalm Cheung JD/MBA’18 & Eric Freilich JD/MBA’18, 2017-18 Co-Presidents of the JD/MBA Students’ Association

The JD/MBA Students’ Association held their annual Welcome Day for incoming students on August 22, 2017.  The day offered an overview of academic requirements, extra-curricular activities that are attractive to JD/MBA students, and anecdotes from upper year students on how to get the most out of the program.

Incoming students had the opportunity to hear from the student councils at each school and the JD/MBA Students’ Association executive committee, with an aim to foster active involvement in both programs.  This was part of the Association’s goal to encourage students to take leadership roles and generate value for Osgoode and Schulich.

This year’s Welcome Day also coincided with the launch of the JD/MBA Program Handbook, which offers students a snapshot view of academics, events and extra-curricular activities, administration, and the LSUC interview process.

The Welcome Day gives incoming students a chance to get acclimated to law school and the MBA program, establishing them as leaders in their cohorts before campus life gets busy with the September rush. The remainder of the year’s programming offers events and workshops that continue to mold and bolster these leadership skills.

The Welcome Day was well attended, and both fun and instructive for new and returning students alike.