Alysha Visram JD’19 shares her experience / Summer 2017 – Hennick BizLaw Internship at Mount Sinai!

Anita Herrmann

Summer 2017 - Hennick BizLaw Internship at Mount Sinai!

By: Alysha Visram

JD’2019 and Summer 2017 Recipient of the Hennick Centre Business Law Internship Award

My summer internship at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto exposed me to the corporate, clinical and governance aspects of legal practice in a hospital. The experience highlighted the diverse, broad and dynamic nature of health law.  I supported the legal team on a range of corporate/commercial, business development, governance, privacy, capacity and consent to treatment, end of life care, reproductive rights, regulated health professionals, and risk management.  I reviewed contracts, conducted a statutory audit to ensure legislative compliance, researched case law, drafted policy and prepared memos on a number of emerging issues.  This experience introduced me to legal practice and allowed me to apply the knowledge and skills gained in law school in a practical setting.  I developed strong business, legal research and writing skills that will help me as I move forward in my career.  Thank you to the wonderful legal team at Mount Sinai Hospital and the Hennick Centre for providing me with this incredible learning opportunity.


About the Mount Sinai Business Law Internship
Sinai Health System is a pre-eminent healthcare organization consisting of Mount Sinai Hospital, Bridgepoint Hospital, and Circle of Care. Sinai Health System’s internship placement exposes students to a public hospital’s dynamic and innovative corporate culture, while providing 
an opportunity to develop practical business and legal skills.  The intern placed in the Hospital’s Legal Department at the Mount Sinai Hospital site has the opportunity to work alongside members of legal, privacy and risk management teams, as well as the Hospital’s corporate and executive teams.

Whether undertaking business research, reviewing legislation, or analyzing the terms of a contract, the internship challenges students and exposes them to client service and business issues that are integral to a business law career. It also provides legal interns with valuable insight into the in-house experience and exposes them to the range of legal issues affecting health care organizations today.