JD/MBA Students’ Association 1L Recruit [Jan. 16/18]

Anita Herrmann

JD/MBA Students’ Association -- 1L Recruit Event

By: Daniel Quainoo

JD/MBA’2019, VP Internal of the JD/MBA Students’ Association 

On January 16, 2018 — the JD/MBA Students’ Association hosted an information session advising first year students on the 1L hiring process generously sponsored by McCarthy Tétrault LLP.  At the event 2L JD/MBAs working at various Bay St. firms provided feedback on resume and cover letter writing, as well as proper interview preparation. Below we summarize the key strategic priorities for students in the 1L recruit  from the event.

Resume Writing

  1. Be concise – It is essential to craft the language in your resume in a concise but clear manner. Recruiters will look to your resume and cover letter as an example of your writing style. As such, your resume is the first way to exemplify effective writing.
  2. Focus on Outcomes – For every task or activity completed in your previous work experience, tie in the outcomes of your work for the business, organization or institution. For instance, if you provided advice to clients as a customer service representative, state the effect of your advice on overall sales.

Cover Letter Writing 

  1. Develop a Narrative – Craft a narrative about who you are for recruiters. Include examples from your professional, academic and extracurricular life to inform your narrative. A powerful narrative should speak to more than just your experiences, but will also speak to your personality.
  2. Know your Firm – Be sure to emphasize the aspects of the firm you are interested in.

Interview Preparation

  1. Know your Resume – Much of your interview will be spent discussing your resume, so make sure that you know it inside out. In particular, review your past work experience and any interests you mention on your awards, as these will be
  2. Be “just unique enough” – It is essential for you to make your resume standout. Share the experiences that you believe will make your resume standout. However, remember you are still applying for a professional role with a law firm.