JD/MBA Welcome Event: Sep 10, 2019!

Anita Herrmann

JD/MBA Welcome Event [2019/20]

By: Alexis Choi 

JD’2020, Hennick Fellow, Programs & Special Projects


On September 10, 2019, the Hennick Centre for Business and Law launched the new school year with a Welcome Day event for new and continuing students in the JD/MBA Program. The JD/MBA Program allows students who are interested in the intersection of law, business, and public policy to earn two prestigious degrees concurrently.

Peter Macdonald, Co-Director, MBA/JD Program (Schulich School of Business), and Edward Waitzer, Co-Director of the JD/MBA Program (Osgoode Hall Law School), began the event by discussing the diverse opportunities available to current students and the robustness of the joint program’s alumni community. The students then had the chance to network and to socialize through an icebreaker exercise.

The JD/MBA students were provided important resources available at both Schulich and Osgoode. Students were introduced to Mya Rimon, the Assistant Dean – Students of Osgoode. Ms. Rimon explained the JD/MBA degree structure, requirements (such as the praxicum and writing requirement for the JD program), and credit allocations. She further outlined the tuition and ancillary fees and explained the new student choice initiative introduced by the provincial government, which allows students to opt out of certain optional ancillary fees. Importantly, Ms. Rimon advised the students that JD/MBA students have access to both Schulich and Osgoode services each year, which includes student financial, career development office, and wellness services.

The JD/MBA Welcome Event also encouraged students to participate in student clubs and organizations, including the JD/MBA Students’ Association and the Graduate Business Council. The JD/MBA Students’ Association organizes resources, networking, and social events for students enrolled in the program. Key events include: the Business Event, the Annual Business and Law Conference, and the Women’s Event. JD/MBA students also have access to exclusive law firm tours, mock interview, and skills sessions throughout the year. The Graduate Business Council is responsible for case competitions, alumni relations, and social events for all Master’s degree programs at Schulich.

Furthermore, Osgoode’s Legal and Literary Society (L&L) is responsible for all matters relating to student affairs at the law school. L&L advocates for additional student resources and administrative support. It also facilitates the summary database, the used books website, and various social events, such as the JCR Pub Nights and the annual Osgoode Skip Trip. All these associations are available to students throughout their JD/MBA degree studies.

We are excited to begin a new school year and to assist the JD/MBA Program students with the information and support that they need to succeed in their four years at Osgoode and Schulich.