Karen Randhawa JD/MBA’23 & partners’ NEW BLOG “Legally Brown” — law school journey — the ups, the downs & all the moments in between!

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Blog Launch -- Legally Brown... Law School: What? Like it's hard?

By: Karen Randhawa

TORONTO, May 2020 — Piraveena Ganesarasa (JD’22), Lucinda Chitapain (JD’22), and I, Karen Randhawa (JD/MBA’23), launched a blog, Legally Brown, in hopes of documenting our legal journey, from our pre-law experiences to our current law school adventures, and everything in between.  The blog caters to legal aficionados at any step of their career and covers a wide range of topics, including the application process, survival in law school and our insights on developments in the law.  Legally Brown aims to diversify the resources available in the legal community and provide the unique perspectives of women of colour in the industry.

Inspired by our dual passions for diversity and the law, we strive to grow a network of individuals–from prospective law students to legal professionals–that share our interests.

As a JD/MBA student involved in the blog, I offer advice on the joint degree option, including my experience applying for the program, reasons to consider the program, course structure with respect to both degrees and career options more specific to JD/MBAs.

Check out our blog:  www.legally-brown.weebly.com

& if you would like to get involved, please contact us, we would love to hear from you!