Hennick Fellowship

Hennick Fellow Positions

The Hennick Centre for Business and Law offers JD and JD/MBA students the opportunity of being involved with the inner workings of the Centre, or any of its Special Projects throughout the duration of every academic year.  The Hennick Fellow Positions are different yearly, depending on present demand.

“As a Hennick Fellow, I worked closely with the Assistant Director to launch a new website for the Centre.  Throughout the process, I spoke with current students to ensure the website captured the content which was most relevant to them.  Being a Fellow provides a great opportunity to connect with the JD/MBA community, including current students, alumni and external partners.” — Bita Ghiasi JD/MBA’19 Hennick Fellow 2016-17, Programs & Special Projects

Joining the Centre as a Hennick Fellow is a fantastic way to get involved in our activities and initiatives and connect with leaders in business and law community, from which many more opportunities tend flourish.  The Fellows work alongside the Centre’s Assistant Director, as well as other Centre Executives throughout the Fall and Winter terms.

In the beginning of every new Fall term, the Hennick Centre puts out a call for applications, generally there are a minimum of 2 positions offered each year.  These opportunities allow the students  to step away from every day Law School Academic life and gain experience pertaining to:

  • Event planning & Promotion
  • Website Content Development
  • Editorial / Interview / Blog writing,
  • and Research Opportunities, among others.

Fellowship positions are open to students in their second year or higher, who have never before held the position of a Hennick Fellow in previous years.

A call for applications for Hennick Fellows is put out in September of every Fall term.