4-yr Program Structure

Program Structure

The MBA/JD is offered as a 4 year (48-month) program.

The joint program is most commonly completed in a minimum of four years.  The first year is spent at either Osgoode or Schulich, and the second year is spent completing the first year at the other Faculty.  The remaining two years are spent in both Faculties.

JD/MBA students have access to the support and resources at both schools, including financial aid, career services, and a wide array of student clubs and organizations.  Students also benefit from numerous social and professional networking opportunities arranged exclusively for joint program students by the very active JD/MBA Students’ Association.

Curriculum Overview

4-Year Program

Year 1

Osgoode Year 1 Curriculum (8 courses) and MGMT 5500  OR

MBA 1 Core Course (27 credits) & 3 credits of Schulich electives

** All MBA/JD students are required to take MGMT 5500 in their first year of the program.  This is a compulsory non-credit seminar course.

Year 2

Curriculum of the program not completed in Year 1

Year 3 and 4

MBA: 2 core courses (6 credits) and 9 credits of Schulich electives

JD: 45 credits including —

  • LW 3820 3.00 Joint MBA/JD Seminar (in year 4) and other Upper Year courses
  • Successful completion of the 40-hour Osgoode Public Interest Requirement (OPIR)
  • Successful completion of the Praxicum Requirement
  • Successful completion of the Upper Year Writing Requirement
  • Successful completion of the Indigenous & Aboriginal Law Requirement [**NOTE:  The Indigenous & Aboriginal Law Requirement is in place for students who began the program in the Fall of 2018]

Graduation Requirements Check-list:

  • First year program at the Schulich School of Business
  • 45 academic credits of Schulich courses, including:

–  30 academic credits in the first year of the MBA-side of the Joint Program (27 core MBA credits or “waiver with replacement,” plus 3 elective credits); and then 15 upper-year credits on the MBA-side in years 3 and 4 of the Joint Program.

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  • First year program at Osgoode Hall Law School
  • 45 academic credits of upper year Osgoode Hall Law School courses, including:

– successful completion of the Joint MBA/JD Seminar in the final year of the Joint Program;

– 2nd and 3rd year legal research and writing requirement (Osgoode);

– At least one course that satisfies the Indigenous & Aboriginal Law Requirement (Osgoode)

– At least one course or program with an experiential practicum component (“Praxicum”); and

– 40 hour Osgoode Public Interest Requirement (OPIR)

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