Welcome Remarks

WELCOME REMARKS – Program Directors

We are delighted to welcome each of you to the JD/MBA Program and this electronic edition of the Program Handbook, an effort by the JD/MBA Students’ Association, supported by the Hennick Centre, to make your entry into the Program easier and ensure you get the full benefit of all that Osgoode and Schulich have to offer.

Our starting premise is that, as technological innovation and globalization add to the rigors of regulating and doing business and practicing law, tomorrow’s leaders will need to meet challenges that transcend traditional boundaries among fields of study, thought and practice.  The JD/MBA Program is designed for highly motivated students who seek a deep education in both law and business and who want to complete their studies a year earlier than the two separate degrees would otherwise allow.  The JD/MBA Program is designed to provide you with more than just the critical thinking and textual analysis you learn in law school or the leadership, management, business development, finance and negotiating skills you learn in business school.  Whatever career path(s) you choose, we believe the JD/MBA degree will better equip you to function at a sophisticated and highly effective level in law, business and public policy.

This Handbook has been designed by students to provide students with guidance to take full advantage of the JD/MBA Program and the vibrant, complementary cultures of Schulich and Osgoode.  It includes “Quick Tips”, as well as suggestions and testimonials from current students and alumni.  It also provides relevant contact information and links.  Students should refer to the Schulich MBA Program Handbook and Schulich Graduate Policy Handbook for academic policy, progression and enrollment information published by the Division of Student Services and International Relations, Schulich School of Business.

We (the Program Co-Directors and the JD/MBA Students’ Association) would welcome your feedback on this Handbook.  This is a joint effort – to be improved upon in years to come! We would also like to kindly remind students that if they have any questions about the joint program and/or its requirements, the academic rules of Osgoode and Schulich along with the advice given by the Assistant and Associate Deans govern.

In the meanwhile, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to either of us at any time.

Special thanks to Michelle Ling (JD/MBA’2019), who took the lead role in authoring this Handbook in 2017.

All the best for the school year ahead!

Peter MacdonaldEd Waitzer, Co-Directors of the JD/MBA Program