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In 1972, Osgoode Hall Law School and the Schulich School of Business at York University created Canada’s first JD (LLB)/MBA. This challenging program has equipped students with the critical business and legal skills needed to thrive in a variety of career paths where business and law overlap.

The JD/MBA Students’ Association works with the administration from Osgoode and Schulich to enhance the academic and social experience of joint program students. The objective of the Association is to create a learning platform and a strong personal and professional network that brings together students, alumni, and other experts in Toronto’s legal and business communities. The Association’s events introduce JD/MBA students to issues at the intersection of law, business, and public policy; connect them with exceptional professionals; and help them to foster valuable career development skills. The Association hosts multiple events throughout the academic year, including law firm and corporate tours, an annual law and business conference, workshops, alumni panels, and social gatherings.


Every JD/MBA student is automatically enrolled in the Association. Membership is exclusive to current students and Alumni. As a member, you will automatically be added to the mailing list to learn about current Association and partner events.

You will also have access to a valuable network of current students and Alumni. This network will help you succeed and grow professionally throughout your studies.

Executive Committee

The committee works together to continue our strong tradition of running our staple events, while innovating to propose new events tailored to meet the needs of students, in an effort to continuously improve the JD/MBA experience.

Positions include:

  • Co-Presidents (2)
  • Conference Co-Chairs (2)
  • Co-VP Internal Events (2)
  • Co-VP External Events (2)
  • Co-VP Alumni Relations (2)
  • VP Communications (1)
  • VP Marketing (1)
  • VP Finance (1)
  • 1L Rep (1)

Names of the current executive committee members can be found on the Association’s website: http://thejdmba.ca

Elections are held yearly in March. The position of 1L Rep is application-based and applications open in October. Running for an executive committee position is an excellent way to get involved and build relationships with the future leaders within your network. For more information on running for an exec position, please reach out to: JDMBA@osgoode.yorku.ca


The JD/MBA Students’ Association believes in not only cultivating an enriching academic environment for students to thrive in, but to also nurture their social relationships and develop a supportive community, particularly through the JD/MBA Student-Student Mentorship. As part of the Mentorship Scheme, all JD/MBA students are given the option in late August to apply to be a mentor (2L and 3L students) or a mentee (1L students). Mentor-mentee pairings are announced at the Annual Kick-Off Social in early September.

The Association organizes several informal social events throughout the year to facilitate strong mentor-mentee relationships.

Social events include:

  • Annual Kick-Off Social
  • Post-conference social
  • End-of-Year Games Night

The Association also hosts a “Welcome Summer Social” to introduce incoming 1Ls to the executive committee, held in late July/early August.

Annual Business & Law Conference

Each year, the JD/MBA Students’ Association hosts a Conference that explores prominent themes and issues at the intersection of law, business, and public policy. The Conference is a celebration and a learning platform that brings together over 120 students from the law and business faculties, in addition to alumni and industry professionals working in Toronto’s legal and business communities.

Past conferences have included:

Stay updated at Conference.TheJDMBA.ca

*Note:  CPD accreditation by LSUC is available for legal professionals.

Annual Women’s Event

A new initiative, with the inaugural event held in March 2018, the JD/MBA Students’ Association is now the host of an annual women’s event, held in March, in honour of International Women’s Day. The purpose of the event is to expose JD/MBA students to gender issues faced in the business and law context. The event also aims to connect female JD/MBA students with female mentors through an informal networking session.

Business Event

The business event aims to expose joint degree students to the variety of careers available to them on the business side, outside of the traditional 1L recruit and OCIs. Our business event connects JD/MBA students with top-tier business organizations in advance of recruitment for summer and full-time positions.

Alumni Panels

The JD/MBA Students’ Association hosts two panels each year, featuring both senior and junior alumni. These panels are primarily targeted towards first and second-year students preparing for upcoming OCIs and 1L recruitment. These panels aim to prepare students for their interviews through discussions with alumni on topics such as interview best practice and how to position their JD/MBA to differentiate themselves. While the alumni panels are tailored for JD/MBA students, if additional seats are available, the Association extends invitations to all JD students.

Association alumni events include:

  • OCI Interview Skills Session, providing students with the opportunity to hear from alumni offering suggestions and answering questions related to upcoming OCI interviews
  • 1L Recruit Resume & Cover Letter Review Session, featuring an alumni panel speaking about upcoming 1L interviews, followed by resume review and mock interviews with alumni

JD/MBA Exclusive Firm Tours

Visits to leading firms take place throughout the school year (in August for OCIs and January for 1L recruitment), where practicing professionals and recent graduates share their experiences and insights with JD/MBAs. Whenever possible, the Association helps to facilitate non-traditional experiences, like roundtable discussions, to foster a personalized, in-depth interaction.

Lunch with Series

This is as an informal luncheon facilitating an intimate discussion among JD/MBA students and a leading professional about his/her career and experiences.

These events typically have limited seats, generally 15-25. They are meant to provide a more intimate informal roundtable discussions where speakers feel comfortable reflecting on past and future experiences. Likewise, students are given the opportunity to ask difficult but fair questions, especially about the “soft” elements of their future careers.

From bestselling authors and entrepreneurs, to investment bankers and managing partners, you can expect an action-packed lunch. Our “Lunch With” series invitations are sent to the JD/MBA student body first. If additional seats are available, the Association extends invitations to all JD and MBA students.

Contact Information

For general inquiries, please email: JDMBA@osgoode.yorku.ca

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