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September 2019

Ed Waitzer - in the News

Dear Business Roundtable CEOs: Some tips on avoiding purpose-washing | Corporate Nights Magazine

A roundup of helpful advice for the 200 CEOs that recently swore off their shareholder-first mantra By: Toby…Read More +

May 2019

Ed Waitzer - in the News

Climate Change: Considerations for Regulators and Supervisors Webinar w/ Ed Waitzer [video]

Friday, May 17, 2019 | Video In this webinar, Ed Waitzer discusses: Systemic risk The role of litigation in…Read More +
Ed Waitzer - in the News

Do-it-yourself regulation | Canadian Lawyer Magazine [May 27/19]

Financial regulators continue to play catch up as robo-advisors and ETFs cut out the middleman for investors Wealth…Read More +