Poonam Puri appointed to the inaugural Board of Directors of the Canada Infrastructure Bank

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Canada Infrastructure Bank Chair Welcomes Inaugural Board Members

NEWS PROVIDED BY Canada Infrastructure BankNov 16, 2017

TORONTO, Nov. 16, 2017 /CNW/ – Janice Fukakusa, Chair of the Board of the Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB), today welcomed the appointments of 10 distinguished leaders from across Canada to the inaugural Board of Directors.

Establishing a professional and independent Board of Directors represents a major milestone for the new organization. The CIB is an arm’s-length Crown corporation based in Toronto that will transform the way infrastructure is planned, funded and delivered in Canada.

An open, transparent and merit-based director selection process attracted proven business and community leaders with extensive board experience from across Canada.

Together, the directors possess an exceptional balance of professional skills, infrastructure expertise and investment experience, and the Board reflects gender, cultural and regional diversity.

The Board members are:

  • Kimberly Baird
  • Jane Bird
  • Dave Bronconnier
  • James Cherry
  • Michèle Colpron
  • Bruno Guilmette
  • Christopher Hickman
  • Poonam Puri
  • Stephen Smith
  • Patricia Youzwa

More information on each director here.

The Board, led by the Chair, is responsible for the oversight that will enable the CIB to successfully deliver on its mandate, including playing a key role in the appointment of a Chief Executive Officer.

The CIB will use federal support to attract private sector and institutional investment to new revenue-generating infrastructure projects that are in the public interest. By engaging the expertise and capital of the private sector, the CIB will help provide more infrastructure for Canadian communities.

“I look forward to working with this accomplished and diverse Board as we transform the way Canada plans, funds and builds the infrastructure that Canadians need now, and in the future. The first tasks of the Board will be to put the proper governance and accountability measures in place so we can get to work fulfilling our mandate.”  — Janice Fukakusa, Chair of the Canada Infrastructure Bank Board of Directors


Quick facts

  • The CIB will invest $35 billion from the Government of Canada into new infrastructure projects.
  • The CIB will work with provincial, territorial, municipal, and Indigenous partners and private-sector partners to deliver new revenue-generating infrastructure projects that are in the public interest.
  • As a Crown corporation, the CIB operates at arm’s length from government.
  • Janice Fukakusa was appointed Chair of the Board on July 6, 2017.
  • The director selection process attracted highly qualified individuals with business and board experience and diverse backgrounds.

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