Documentary on Insider Trading

The Guru of Bay Street is a documentary film project, which explores the Canadian white-collar crime scene and the shortcomings of Canada’s enforcement of financial crimes. Through the open and uncensored testimony of convicted inside trader Joseph Grmovsek and interviews with legal scholars, investigators, regulatory agents and corporate leaders, the documentary The Guru of Bay Street will bring to the public the story of insider trading in Canada.​


This Documentary Project is currently under development and is supported by the Fund for Innovation in Law and Media (FILM) established at Osgoode Hall Law School of York University, as well as in partnership with the Hennick Centre for Business and Law.  This project engages university students in the development and production of the documentary.  This initiative is led by Garrick Apollon and Étienne Trépanier, Senior Fellows of the Hennick Centre for Business and Law and Fellows of the FILM initiative at Osgoode Hall Law School.

Meet our Student Research Team:

Nadia Aboufarris – JD’17    Jameel Lodhi – JD’18 Diana Pegoraro – JD’17   Dani Palter – JD/MBA’19
 Jessie Dewdney – JD’18  Katherine Shelley – JD’17  Alvin Wang – JD’18

About the FILM initiative

Osgoode Hall Law School of York University has established the Fund for Innovation in Law and Media (FILM) to assist its law students, visual and digital technology experts, and members of the legal profession and judiciary in developing and delivering new visual advocacy approaches in the justice system.


“So many aspects of our world are driven by digital and visual media. The possibilities for visual advocacy to enhance the justice system and enrich the quality of advocacy are tremendous” – Dean Lorne Sossin

One of the main goals of the FILM Initiative is to promote the access to justice by producing documentaries for the general public, grounded in the stories of people and the law.