Documentary on Insider Trading

Collared: A Story of Insider Trading and White Collar Crime

“Collared” tells the tragic story of the illegal activities of two best friends who for nearly a decade-and-a-half on both sides of the American and Canadian border churned tens of millions of US dollars through over one hundred separate deals to generate eight-figure profits from insider trading.


Collared is a visual legal advocacy documentary film aimed at prevention of white collar crime and promotion of business and legal ethics

Joseph Grmovsek and his co-accused, Gil Cornblum, met during their first week of law school in Canada in 1990.  Post-graduation, Cornblum began his legal career in New York with a prestigious American firm before becoming an international partner at another — all the while feeding inside information back to his friend in Canada for million-dollar gains in what American and Canadian investigators believe to be the most prolonged insider trading scheme ever discovered.

After finally being identified, Joseph Grmovsek cooperated with authorities, pled guilty in Canada and the United States, and served a 39-month Federal sentence of imprisonment that included stays in two Maximum Security prisons between 2010-2014.  Cornblum, however, never made it to sentencing, killing himself a day before his scheduled flight to New York to offer—what was believed to be—a plea of guilty in both countries to insider trading, money laundering, and breach of fiduciary duty.

Through the open and uncensored testimony of the inside trading duo’s surviving member, the documentary focuses on an exploration of white-collar crime, the short-comings of its identification by authorities, and its punishment and consequences.

Along with insights offered by reformed white collar criminal Joseph Grmovsek’s cautionary tale, interviews with leading scholars, former prosecutors, and forensic psychologists are used in “Collared” to examine the larger issue of why the identification and enforcement of white-collar crime should be a concern for everyone.

This Documentary Project is currently under development and is supported by the Fund for Innovation in Law and Media (FILM) established at Osgoode Hall Law School of York University, as well as in partnership with the Hennick Centre for Business and Law.  This project engages university students in the development and production of the documentary.  This initiative is led by Garrick Apollon and Étienne Trépanier, Senior Fellows of the Hennick Centre for Business and Law and Fellows of the FILM initiative at Osgoode Hall Law School.

Meet our Student Research Team:

Nadia Aboufarris – JD’17    Jameel Lodhi – JD’18 Diana Pegoraro – JD’17   Dani Palter – JD/MBA’19
 Jessie Dewdney – JD’18  Katherine Shelley – JD’17  Alvin Wang – JD’18

About the FILM initiative

Osgoode Hall Law School of York University has established the Fund for Innovation in Law and Media (FILM) to assist its law students, visual and digital technology experts, and members of the legal profession and judiciary in developing and delivering new visual advocacy approaches in the justice system.


“So many aspects of our world are driven by digital and visual media. The possibilities for visual advocacy to enhance the justice system and enrich the quality of advocacy are tremendous” – Dean Lorne Sossin

One of the main goals of the FILM Initiative is to promote the access to justice by producing documentaries for the general public, grounded in the stories of people and the law.